Venice, anyone?

Memorizing the names of the books of the New Testament seems as if it would be an error free exercise.

4 Lent or IV Lent

During Lent I am going to blog once per week – starting today. It isn’t that it is penance for me to write, but writing for this is not necessary, and there are always things to be done for/at school. While it is true that there is always something to be done in...

Catching up

I wanted to be sure that all within the Seton community had heard the news that the abortion clinic in Manassas has closed, and the property has been sold to pro-lifers.

Siena Mantooth’s Valedictory

Good evening, Reverend Fathers, Dr. Cuddeback, Mrs. Carroll, Seton faculty, parents, family

members, friends, distinguished guests, and of course, members of the Class of 2015. I also

Better Late than Never?

Monday of Holy Week I gave a talk at the PRO (Parents’ Resource Organization) Meeting in Faustina, which is the cafeteria and all purpose room in the Corpus Christi building.