I wanted to be sure that all within the Seton community had heard the news that the abortion clinic in Manassas has closed, and the property has been sold to pro-lifers.   The whole story of how this came to be cannot be told yet, but the Arlington Herald has an article in last week's edition that is very good.

The week prior, the Herald had the Seton student article on the chapel fresco work that a couple students have been involved in.   There are others who are doing painting.  It is very exciting to see the progress step-by-step.   

Last night was the fall play The Princess Bride.   it was very entertaining.  Tim Heisler was a great grandfather.  (That's a grandfather who was great.)   Father Thompson was a great priest.  (That's a priest acting as a priest in a stage role.)  The play has its final performance tonight at 5:30.

Each of the new teachers is a great addition to the school.   The students are lively and make every day of teaching interesting.   At the most recent volleyball game the drumline played and the student section responded with great cheering.  We lost, but it was still so much fun.  The week before there was an "American Out" for the volleyball game — students waved flags, dressed in red, white, and blue and spontaneously sang "The Star Spangled Banner" from the stands.   It was another great night, and we won the game.  The tennis team is ranked 5th in the state.   

1st Quarter comes to an end this Friday.  

Jezu, ufam Tobie.   


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