School’s off to a great start. St. Michael is joining the angelic fresco crowd in the chapel. He’ll be there giving us our marching orders as we depart from the chapel after each visit, and we know that he will be defending us in the battle.

Father Noah gave a great faculty retreat, quoting “My Heart Leaps Up”, and even our teachers’ meeting was enjoyable! We found out some interesting things about our newest teachers: One was chased by a buffalo; another spent three days in a NYC jail; a couple athletes — one who has run the Army 10-miler and another who was on the Georgia Tech rowing team. We’re definitely a diverse group, but we all share the same goals. Today was the coaches leadership conference. Dan VW did a great job of putting it together and all that applies to coaches applies to teachers as well.

First three days of school were enjoyable. Thanks to Language and Logic,All juniors should now know what a retained object is. This should greatly impact the rest of their lives. And since I don’t teach Father Ciszek in English anymore, I decided to bring him into freshmen boys religion — telling With God in Russia and then reading parts of He Leadeth Me. Those two books always inspire me. And the junior girls wondered if Methuselah really lived to be 969 years old. It would have been great for the small candle industry if he had. Hine hundred sixty-nine is probably the new eight hundred.

Talked to alumnus Joey Lalli last night whose oldest is a freshman this year. There can’t be many father/sons who look so much alike. Joey was telling me about having played in a Civil War baseball game. Then I saw Richie Whitter who was bringing his oldest, a 7th grader, in for volleyball practice. He told me that the family dog was attacked by a beaver and barely escaped to bark about it. It is great that there are so many alumni children in the school.

Last night I went wandering through Old Towne and came upon a Civil War dance troupe kicking up their heels in the Pavilion. I got to join with them and am going back tonight for more. Mrs. Carroll and the Scheetzs might also be going. 9 to 11 if you can make it.

For those who are long-time readers of the blog, I have great news from Colorado. The little peach tree produced its first 5 peaches this summer. It seemed to have doubled in size since last summer, and I was amazed to find the peaches on it.

If you haven’t been by the school to see the chapel, please do so. I’ll even let you know what a retained object is if you don’t know already.

Jezu, ufam Tobie.

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