The Seton Gala 2009 was one of the most moving, lively, inspiring and fun events I have ever attended.

Starting with the cocktail party with music by our own Chuckie (see also: to read his sotry and hear his piano and voice), to the excellent dinner with music and dancing, great presentations by Sean O’Hare and an all-encompassing audiovisual presentation that will move anyone who ever passed through Seton’s doors, to the hilarious letter from Mr. Westhoff recounting the history of the teachers who were being honored, to the Alanna Boyle Irish dancers, a mini-River Dance performed by Seton graduates, everything was, as Mrs. Carol Jones would have said, “comme il faut.”  (check the spelling on that, but you get my drift.)

Our daughter, Katie Ferri, Seton ’98, had been married in a beautiful Mass concelebrated by Fr. VanderWoude, to Frank J. Schofield, Jr., Seton ’97, only two weeks before this wonderful event.  Frank danced with his mother to the beautiful song, performed by Josh Groban (on cd, not in person), “You Raise me Up.”  It is a spiritual and moving song, and has been running through my head ever since.

It is the Ripple title because it was all I could think of when, late in the evening when the dancing was particularly lively and joyful, I saw someone raised up above the crowd, delirious with happiness and pumping his fist in time to the music as the young, strong men of Seton paraded him around.  It was a young man who had been raised up in other circumstances, last Fall, and one whom we were all thankful was able to be there:  Josey VanderWoude.

I know there is laughter in the midst of sorrow, and sorrow in the midst of joy, in this life, and most definitely in our Seton community.  The presentations in the recorded program gave moving glimpses into how Our Seton, because of her faithfulness to our Mother the Church, supports us in prayer and in service, and were a reminder of how much our community has been united in times of loss as well as in joy and victory.

There is no way to fully repay the debt we owe to Seton and to Mrs. Carroll and all the teachers whose sacrifices made this rich education possible for our family.  I am so happy that this organization is going to make this possible for other families, so that their children also can be “raised up to more than they can be,” to quote the song again.

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