March/April Inquisitor

   I really enjoyed reading the most recent issue of Seton’s newspaper.  The cover has Patrick Koehr, the King in the King and I, on the cover dressed very regally and with completely bald head.   Looks great.   There are more pictures on the back including other stars in the show:  Tommy Smith, Maria Zambrana, Dianna Pechie, Jeanne Myers, Joe Duran, Jack Geiran, Anastasia Terreri and Meggie Vestermark.  If any of the last names sound familiar, it’s because most of them are siblings of alumni.   I heard from teachers, parents and students that the show was fantastic.   From the acting to the singing to the sets and costumes, it was a hit.  

    Here’s what else we find in the issue.

    Miss Faur, second year teacher of Grammar 9 and English 10 is leaving Seton to become a full-time missionary on a two year commitment to Honduras.  Then we have an alumni feature – Will Stine and Jill Vugteveen Pogue were interviewed about their Seton experience back in ’84.   I think we will reprint it on this site next posting.  

    Then we learn from Mr. Heisler, who is the classroom drivers ed teacher, that good drivers are always patient and humble.   I guess scared to death on the Beltway doesn’t necessarily make one good!   A group of Seton students became lobbyists for the day.  The Teenage Republicans made a trip to Richmond and were shown around by Delegate Tim Hugo.   Those on the excursion were Ryan Orr, Katie Hugo, Joe Peters, RJ Baldwin, Steven Shaw and alumnus Patrick Hilleary.   They lobbied on a number of bills including anti-HHS mandate and no sex-selection abortions,.   They met opposition in one office in particular, and seemingly genuine interest in what they had to say in another.

   Within the article “The Election of a Pope” there was a box with the title “Seton Watches Election”.   Here’s what’s within the box:

    “On March 13, at Seton, teachers stood on standby for the highly anticipated white smoke from the Sistine Chapel in Rome.  After it was announced [that there was white smoke], students flocked to the gym to watch an overhead projection of live coverage of the new Pope.   Nobody knew who the Pope was.   When he walked out onto the balcony for the world to see, the school erupted in cheers, some crying for joy, for Peter’s successor had been chosen to tend the flock of the Church.”

    There is an article on the stigmata, appropriate since Francis is our new Pope and St. Francis is the first  person we know for sure  to have received the stigmata.   Next there is a chart showing if students think that the dress code is fairly enforced.   [Surprise:   Girls think it is not enforced for boys and boys think it is not enforced for girls, but both think their own gender has it fairly enforced for them.]

            An article on North Korea is followed by one on Allison DeWolf (’11)  who spent three months covering 3500 miles while walking through three states to witness for Life as part of the Crossroads group.  And the last article is on senioritis which strikes everyone, young and old about this time of year.  Well, it may strike here in Colorado finally.  We just had another snow, but it’s supposed to be 70’s this weekend!


Jezu, ufam Tobie.

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