Seton Students, Versatile and Talented

            I don’t know if many of the alumni read the Sentinel online each week, but I think it is worth the read.   It is kept short – just two pages long and there are pictures and graphics that take up a lot of that room.  It is usually available on Thursday, always by Friday.  The last couple weeks have featured some impressive accomplishments that I want to highlight here.   You can check out the more detailed information in the Sentinels.   To get to the Sentinels, go to the school website: and click on News.   Then a mini-Sentinel appears right before your eyes, but also in the upper right you will see that you can click on “Sentinel Editions".  Do that and you will have the current edition at the top and the archives of editions below.             

            Recent achievements span the spectrum of disciplines:  science, the arts, sports, writing/the Faith.

   Robotics Team cleaned up at the state level and are now headed to Mississippi for  nationals.  This is an annual pastime of Seton’s Robotics Team.  SeaPerch is the name of the competition.

    The after school marine biology group competed at the state level against teams that all have marine biology classes and are located by the sea.   In the preliminary rounds Seton beat a school that had never lost a single round of anything at the state level.  In the finals, Seton was beaten by this same team, but took home second place – an amazing accomplishment for an after-school group who study biology for fun.  The Blue Crab Bowl is the name of the competition.

    The science fair winners again put forth an interesting and impressive array of projects.

    The girls swim team is on a 20-peat win streak of DAC crowns and were state runners-up.  They are a young team, so keep an eye on this group.   We'll start talking dynasty when they win 25 in a row!    

    The girls’ basketball team is ranked 5th in the state and play Saturday for the DAC Tournament Title against Wakefield who has beaten them twice in the regular season (2 of their 3 losses) in close contests.   The team, and particularly the Burgess Sisters, who fill three of the five starting positions on the team, were featured in a newspaper article and Channel 9 News recently spent a good part of day interviewing and talking to team members, parents, and coaches.

    Parish drama teams featured many Seton students in their casts and took home the lion’s share of awards.

    Senior Tim Jackson is richer for winning a pro-life essay contest.

    The recent visit of students and teachers to the homeless in DC on Super Bowl Sunday continues the tradition begun by Mr. Hadro many years ago.   No awards are given for this, but God’s graces are better than awards.

    And the spring musical cometh!  I’m sure “The Music Man” will be great.  Seton is getting more musical with a full-time music teacher lined up for next year.  

      I talked to Mr. P recently about the TV crew’s visit to Seton.   He told me that the woman reporter asked Mrs. Burgess about the name on the gym floor – that name is Thomas Vander Woude.   Mrs. Burgess told her his story and by the end of it the reporter was in tears.   She repeated a number of times afterwards, “This school is all about family, it’s all about family.”   That is a great tribute to Seton.   All of us can be proud to be a part of the Seton Family.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.