4/25/09   What is the historical significance of this date?   Don't think too long — I'll tell you.   It was the date of the first post on this blog.   So 4/25/09 is not just significant — it is monumental.   Just consider the effect the postings here have had globaly.     The world has barely stayed on its axis.  Sean O'Hare called and asked me to blog in February of '09.   At that point in my life, I didn't know what a blog was.  Sean explained.  He then suggested that my first posting could be about our conversation in which I learned what a blog was.   So it came to be.  (You can read this original posting by going to "last" under "View All Blog Entries")  Not only did Sean ask me to start posting, he also provided the means to post by giving me his old laptop.   The laptop he gifted had had an unfortunate accident and was not operable (think pretzels and …), but with a little work it became usuable.  For 5+ years the resurrected computer was the instrumental cause of these postings.

Is there a Computer Hall of Fame?   Just suggesting that if there is, I have a candidate for 1st ballot admission.   After more than five years of reliable, faithful, and shall we say completely sober contribution, the old Laptop may have instrumentalized its last.   

Here's how the sudden end came about.  I had just finished posting, was ready to exit stage left, when smoke rose from the Laptop.  No visible flames appeared, just a puff of smoke, signaling in a Native American way, that the Electronic Device had reached its ultimate milestone.  

I only speak whiteskin language, (Is that acceptable Congress, NFL, et al?) but I presume that the smoke signal was in Kiowa Indian since they were the tribe that roamed the parts where our farm is on the Eastern Plains of Colorado.  And just guessing, I think the smoke said to one and all:   "Farewell, thanks for the good times and smoke a peace pipe in my memory.  I will type no more forever."  

Jezu, ufam Tobie.