1.  Why did Seton move its 2010 graduation to Holy Trinity at the last minute?   A.  Father Pefley promised to juggle flaming torches afterwards while Father Cilinski refused to do so……..No.  No more quizzes.  It is too hard thinking up wrong answers. 

   It is amazing to me that a major event so easily was moved to a new location in such a short time and apparently without a hitch.  This year at Holy Trinity, next year in Jerusalem.  Well, not Jerusalem, but the new All Saints Church, provided Father Cilinski learns how to juggle. (Side note:  Seton alumna Lisa Hadro’s August wedding will be the first one in the new All Saints.)

   From the e-mails I’ve received, the graduation was an event not to miss.

     Father Searby told of the beautiful statues on the top of the Milan Cathedral that were made for the glory of God and no other purpose since the sculptors knew they could not be appreciated by the general population.  This art work teaches us to do what we do first, and foremost for God’s glory.  Everything else is secondary. 

   Delegate Marshall’s address included research showing that the Founding Fathers believed that we have to rely on God and beg His providential care if we are to survive as a nation.  Mr. Marshall wanted the graduates to know that not only do they have a Catholic heritage, but also a Virginia heritage rooted in Christianity to live up to.  (Note:  The last time Mr. Marshall spoke at a Seton commencement there were 8 graduates; this year 8 times that.)

   Mrs. Carroll used the seniors’ theme that they have promoted throughout their high school years, that they are the best looking class ever.  (They would even get her to sign their class ads in the Spring Musical program book proclaiming this “fact”.)   Mrs. Carroll showed that the saying “beauty is only skin deep” does not apply to the Class of 2010.  There is a beauty within them that is far deeper than the epidermis.

   All Saints Church would have been bursting at the seams trying to hold the 64 graduates and those that came to honor them.  Of course, the crowd would have thinned out as the evening progressed as ambulances would have come at regular intervals to take the fainting masses away.  Perhaps most diplomas would have been distributed at the hospital.  Holy Trinity, on the other hand, held the crowd comfortably and coolly. 

   It has been suggested that Mr. VW arranged the move to Holy Trinity since it would be a Mr. VW sort of thing to see what Seton needed before anyone else did and make provisions for its completion.  Also, Mr. VW had two grandchildren (I typed “gradchildren” originally – Tim and Bridget are that too!) graduating and Holy Trinity was his parish.  (Note:  I e-mailed Father Crisman about using his sermon for the last posting and he e-mailed back saying, “I hope one day his [Mr. VW’s] heroism is recognized officially by the Church.”


   Some of you may have come here looking for a review of Vintage 35.  I’ll try to have that next time.  Probably like you,  I am most interested to see how “smart casual” was interpreted by the attendees.  I keep picturing the men leaning on golf clubs and the women holding tennis rackets discussing their 401K’s and like matters.  I haven’t found out what people wore, but once I do I should be ready to post.   I should also mention that Sean O’Hare has moved up from the 8th place position he previously held in the Gala Analyzer Poll to take over the #1 spot.  This is the result of his comment after the previous blogic posting.  It would be an easy post to put the tributes to Mrs. Schuller and Mrs. von Reyn on here, so I might do that if I don’t get something else written before June 17th.

   Mr. Koehr sent me a copy of the video that was shown at the 2009 Gala.  I had heard all about it, but I am telling you, there is nothing like seeing it.  It begins with Bryan Muench’s letter that he wrote to Mrs. Carroll three years after graduating from Seton.  That’s the way the video begins and that’s when the tears start to flow.  The video is an amazingly beautiful work.     


   A future posting may include the number of different kinds of Crest toothpaste that the local Wal-Mart carries.  I learned this interesting information from a man I was talking to in the cereal aisle (getting something for my supper) at the local Safeway. 


Jezu, ufam Tobie.


A special ending of the Year for the Priest edition of Blogic will appear on June 11th.