Flew into National Airport on the Eve of the March for Life.   Met at the airport by Dick Pennefather and his oldest daughter Ann who is a senior at Seton.   It was 2 a.m. when we left from IHOP — great to get caught up with them.   Next day was the March.   As soon as we got into Union Station we began seeing people we knew — 1st on the list was Dan Vander Woude.   Stood along the route near the Supreme Court Building and enjoyed seeing so many from Seton.   Next day was the beginning of the 1st semester.   Wasn't supposed to have anything to do that day, but a teacher was absent, so I tried my best at 4 Spanish classes and proctoring a couple AMS classes.   Next week started my regular classes:   2 sections of English 9; section of grammar/logic for juniors; section of Religion 11 with junior boys and a section of Algebra I.   My classrooms include the art room twice and the library; the room next to the teacher's room and a classroom above the gym.   Been to an all-day swim meet and a bunch of basketball games from junior high to junior varsity to varsity — boys and girls.   Been to the science fair and a pro-meeting and a teachers' meeting.   Its been a fun, full time.   Great to be back.   The students are exceptional and life is good.

Jezu, ufam Tobie.  

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