In the only interesting segment of the local news last night, there were interviews of people who had a “Twinkie Moment” to tell.   So I was immediately taken back to a freshman girls religion class when an object came flying through the second story window.   I wasn’t sure that I had seen anything, so I asked, “Did something just come through the window?”   The always talkative girls sat like statues.   So then I asked, “What was that?”   Kelsey gave us the answer, “It was a Twinkie.”   There followed a burst of laughter.   It was only later when I found out that the Twinkie had “Super Powers”, so to speak.

    Growing up, we did on occasion eat Hostess Cupcakes, Snowballs and Twinkies.   But my favorite were the Hostess Pies.    I kind of feel like eating one right now.

   The First Lady must be high five-ing her daughters and POTUS since Hostess has closed its doors.   Rice Cakes with an all-natural peanut butter spread and a side of alfalfa sprouts are probably dancing in her head as her alternative to a Ding Dong or a Zinger.   No matter the 18,000 jobs lost – we’ll all eat better and live longer as we stand in unemployment lines.


Jezu,ufam tobie