Yesterday I got my ballot from Weld County.   There are things being decided statewide.   Amendment 66 seeks to amend the constitution to pour more $$$ into the public schools.   This is supposed to go directly to the classrooms if the ridiculous ads on TV are telling the truth such as the one where youngsters are learning how to square dance in the p.e. classes.  Tugs at the heart to see the little guys promenading.   Despite such ads, I’ll assume the $$$ will help the newly mandated K-12 sex education classes.   What better way for a state to spend the $$$ of its citizens than by destroying the innocence of its youngest.  

   Then, in Colorado, we of course have to have something about marijuana now that it is a legal commodity.   Proposition AA seeks to impose an excise tax of 15% when unprocessed retail marijuana is first sold or transferred by a retail marijuana cultivation facility….It gets harder to understand but there is included in the rest of the proposition that much of the $$$ would go to public schools, primarily it sounds like for construction of facilities.   The poor public schools!  They can barely afford to build their multi-million dollar sports complexes and other educational essentials.  Now they want to take $$$ from honest marijuana raising citizens who, naturally, have the public’s best interest at heart in raising their crop.  By the way, it says nothing about whether the marijuana being considered is organic or not.   I think that is important.   Who wants to smoke pesticide laced weed?

    Those are the state-wide issues.

     Next I can vote for two (2) of the three people running for the Wiggins School Board – yes, this is another public school issue.  Mike, James and Brian all think they know what our public schools need, and I’ll just take a stab in the dark and guess that each of them favors more $$$ for the public schools.   I actually know James, though I know him as Jim – he was a year behind me in school and we rode the same bus.  

    But last on the ballot is the item that I had heard nothing about until I got the ballot.  It is awesome and I am voting for it.   Here’s how it reads:

          Weld County Ballot Question 1A:   Shall the Board of County Commissioners of Weld County, in concert with the county commissioners of other Colorado counties, pursue those counties becoming the 51st state of the United States of America?

     How cool is that – I can vote for our county along with others to secede from the state and form a new one.   Not wild about the name of our new state – North Colorado because it really isn’t North Colorado the way North Dakota and North Carolina are north of their southern counterparts.   Northeastern Colorado would be a more accurate name.   The counties are mostly very rural, sparsely populated.   Weld is certainly the biggest and has the biggest city in Greeley.   The policies that the Dem controlled legislature have recently passed that have inspired the counties to try to secede include strict gun control laws, restraints on what city-dwellers perceive as acts of cruelty toward farm animals, and requirements to have more renewable energy used in rural areas and unfair taxation.   The counties looking to secede are oil rich.   I’m especially glad to see that Kit Carson County is among the eight in the fight – only because it is a great named county.  

     So it may be soon that I’ll be posting from North Colorado.   You are all welcomed to come visit our new state when it is formed.   I wonder what our state capital will be.   I’m hoping for Haxtun in Phillips County – its motto is “Little City, Big Heart”.   Beautiful.   Big heart, that's what North Colorado is all about.

     I have to put my ballot back into the secrecy sleeve.  I don't want anyone to know that I've voted for secession.

Jezu, ufam Tobie.           


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