Arrival at Vintage 35 required a trek through the falling rain of Huntley to the security of the pavilion where the 250 attendees gathered in some of the finest smart summer casual clothes east of the Mississippi.

  [I decided to call a couple men’s clothing stores in the Greeley Mall (Buckle’s and Brooklyn Village) to ask what “smart summer casual” means.  Neither of the people I talked to had heard the term before, but the girl at Buckle’s gave it a shot.  She said that dark denim would seem appropriate with a button down shirt and a printed t-shirt underneath that.  She added, “Nothing too Saturday.”  I decided not to ask what that meant, and then I forgot to see what she thought about a golf club.   And I opted not to get her idea of what my girlfriend, if I had one, might consider wearing.]  

   The feasting began on the Red Hot and Blue Barbecue with all its Southern comfort. Barbecue can badly stain even something very Saturday, but the attendees were scrupulous in licking their fingers and kept their dark denim spotless. 

   The program’s MC was Vintage 2 Sean O’Hare.  This year, OurSeton honored Mrs. Haggerty-Schuller and Mrs. von Reyn who have retired from teaching:  Mrs. Schuller to head to the Midwest to her husband’s farm, and Mrs. von Reyn to go back to government work.  Mrs. VR, however, plans to continue at Seton as the Crab Bowl sponsor.  The standing ovations they received gave evidence to their contributions through the years to Seton. 

   Mrs. Carroll talked about the goals for the chapel through one of the heaviest downpours imaginable.  Detail plans for the construction are a thing of the future because Seton is currently working to acquire a piece of property to complete the already purchased area north of the school which would give more options to be considered for the chapel. 

   A video was shown emphasizing the difference Seton has made in her students’ lives.  Pledges were then made by the attendees to the chapel totaling more than $32,000.

   There were door prizes won by Bea Pennefather and Sean Garvey.

   The spectrum of Seton’s 35 years was represented by Holly Flagg from the early years of Seton to some of this year’s graduates.  Father Fasano and Father Searby represented priests who have served Seton from her beginning to the present. Their smart casual was dark, but not denim.  

    It seems that good journalism these days is supposed to contain controversy.  I have conflicting reports about who DJ’d the dance.  Was it alumnus Raf Perez soloing, or was it Raf with fellow alumnus Tim Heisler?  That’s as controversial as it gets at Vintage 35.

   Mary McCarron Heisler provides a great summary of the evening’s socializing.  “I was amazed at the faith, energy and desire to better the world shining through the alumni.  Our conversations inspired me with so much hope.”  Her husband Tim put it this way, “I had a blast.”  He added on that Mary and he stayed until 2 a.m. when the Cellars closed their doors and they were more or less forced to leave.     

  Earlier in the day, the alumni formed a lacrosse team to play this year’s Seton state qualifying team.  Current Conquistador coach Andy Cooper led the alumni to a 7-5 victory.  Having learned something about dress through Vintage 35, I assure you that lacrosse helmets are way too Saturday.


   In writing this, I was inspired to see what sermons/talks of Father Fasano and Father Searby I could find.  I listened to Father Fasano’s on Santa Claus and Father Searby’s on the Wedding Feast at Cana.  I also listened to Father Peffley’s Mother’s Day Sermon and Father Hudgins’ on the Prodigal Son.  How blessed is the Diocese of Arlington with these gifted priests.  By the way, I also learned that Father Searby used to work for the circus.   


   You might want to check out the summer newsletter at and read about the many summer happenings including new windows for the downstairs of the Old Building.  I will always associate the old windows with Maria Buser and Debby Lee who would look out them during English to count the # of people who went in and out of the house diagonally to the southeast of the school.  It was an amazing #.

   I have an interesting bit of news that relates to the posting of 9/14/09 that I will put in comments.



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