The first issue of the Seton Inquisitor is out, so to give you an idea of what’s happening around the school, we’ll take a look at the articles for September.

   Two of the first three articles are political.  The first reports on the visit made by Romney and Ryan to Manassas right after Ryan was announced as the VP part of the ticket.  Some Seton students had  seats up front for the rally.   Romney emphasized that our rights come from God, not from government.    The other political article told of the 18 year old crowd at Seton gearing up for their first chance to vote.   Registration info was included.

   Between these two articles was the story of the miraculous recovery of Matteo Genoese-Zerbi from an autoimmune disease that attacked his skin.   Matteo is doing well, though he has to be especially cautious when outdoors to protect his skin from the sun.

   Then we meet three of the new teachers.  Miss Ascik, homeschooled in North Carolina, comes to Seton fresh from Christendom where she majored in the classics and history.  She is teaching grammar and Latin.   Miss Dean comes from all over since her family is military.  She double majored in English and philosophy at Christendom and teaches reading and grammar.  Mr. O’Donnell, son of Christendom’s president, attended school at SVCA and Wakefield Country Day before becoming a philosophy and theology major at Christendom.  Mr. O’D is teaching logic and grammar, Religion 11 and math.  [It seems that every grammar teacher from last year fled!]  Mr. O’D was taught by Mrs. Cooper while at WCD and is Mrs. Carroll’s godchild.

   The next article previews the clash between the DC Padres made up of baseball loving priests of the Arlington Diocese, and Seton’s current baseball team augmented with some alumni.  The game was held this past Sunday at Fitzwater Stadium.  Of special interest to the alumni is the pitching performance of Richie Witter who started the game and pitched two shutout innings before giving up the hill.   Behind the plate catching was Jake Daniel and Kenny Kohlhaas was in the field.  Two later pitchers from Seton’s current team hit priests with pitches.  [Fortunately they were able to receive immediate absolution.]   The Padres won the close game – it was Padres 13 and nobody told me how many Seton had, just that there was a near-miss comeback.

    Then we have a great two-page spread on the mission trip to Honduras led by second year teacher Miss Faur.   Four rising juniors trekked to Central America:  Diana Pechie, Audrey Allman, Connor Kleb and Nora Mulhern.  Alumna Bridget Mulhern also was a missionary.   The generosity, friendliness, happiness and religious devotion of the people impressed the Americans.   The unchanging diet of tortillas, beans and rice did not.   “Incredible” described the 13 days in Honduras.

   Then we find the newspaper is under sound leadership by reading the editor’s editorial on practicing honesty and leading by example.  Based on this first editorial, Sarah Blanchard will do a great job at the top.

    Two pages are devoted to the junior high, sort of.  The first of the two pages is actually dedicated to the elephants at the National Zoo.  Ambika is 64 years old.  That’s older than I am.  And Kandula weighed 324 pounds at birth.  That’s more than I weigh now.   The next page turns from pachyderms to people populating the junior high.   We start with the top ten Sevie quotes from the first week of school in which they gave their most memorable experience.  Here are my three favorites: #3  “I was excited to be reading in Reading.”  [Just wait until she starts writing in writing – pure ecstasy.]   #2  “I remember getting lost each period.”   [Progress – he/she can remember getting lost, so now he/she just needs to work on remembering where the classrooms are.]   #1 “The thing I remember most about my first week of school is wearing a tie.”   [Five years and 35 more weeks of great wardrobe memories for this fellow!]    The final JH article has more interesting info.  Regina is glad that the teachers actually teach.   And from Clare we learn that not only do the teachers teach but they write it (what is going on in the class) on the board.  And Monica adds that the classes aren’t so big that one has to scream over people.   Another definite plus!    We also learn that Mrs. Carroll is the favorite teacher – even the nicest.   [“Nice”, I believe, is not a genetic quality.]   Annemarie is basking in the lunch menu options – it’s no longer pizza every day. [Seton is no Honduras.]  Unnamed students especially like switching classrooms and having a locker.   And Natalie says it all, “The people are really nice.   It’s just the way they are.”   Cool.  

  We have two pages of outlooks for the varsity fall sports:   volleyball, soccer, tennis and cross country.   All should do well with seasoned squads, determined attitudes and dedicated coaches:  Mr. Mooney, Mr. Duran, Mrs. Grey & Mrs. Heim and Mr. Violett.

   And on the last page we find out what this year’s spring musical selection is.  I’ll give you the Spanish translation of the title:  El Rey y Yo.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.



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