Three candles burn on the Advent wreath, the St. Lucy wheat is sprouted, the O Antiphons have begun.   We have even had our Advent reading of the Genealogy.   All is well.

   Well, almost.   I did just finish reading Evangelii Gaudium.   What an amazing piece of writing.   Have you ever wished that you could walk along a seashore with Jesus, and have Him tell you what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong and what you should  be doing?   I felt as if I were on that seashore as I read through EG.   The "what are you doing right" didn't take us across too much sand or too many seashells.   The "what you are doing wrong", now that was a walk of many, many waves.  And the "what you need to do" I think is more than there is seashore to walk.   But the Holy Father also said that there is time.  We have to start and let the Holy Spirit guide.   There is such  hopeful and encouraging and fatherly counsel in the Pope's words.   And the Marian conclusion is both beautiful literature and theology.

    God bless our Pope.  Happy 77th birthday Holy Father.

Jezu, ufam Tobie.                 

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