Reformation or Revolt?


   Tomorrow, at some early morning hour, the world goes off Daylight Savings Time (DST) by falling back, setting clocks one hour earlier.  I should say, the rest of the world is changing their clocks.  Our property is going against the tide, and we are keeping time the way it is today.

   However, Daylight Savings Time is not a good name for setting clocks ahead in the spring.  No daylight is saved.  So we here at 10531 Weld County Road 95 are going to be on DST, but that stands for Delayed Sunset Time.

   One of the worst things in the year is when the sun sets at 4:20 Standard Time.  We will never have a sunset at 4:20 with our DST.  So while others will be in the dark at 5:00 on December 21st, we will still have 20 minutes of sunshine. 

   Plus, we really will be saving time in our DST by not going around changing all the clocks in the house. 

   I am not sure how to let people know that when they come on our property that they are not just entering our property but a whole new time zone.  We should have something like what is posted on highways before entering a tunnel:  “Turn On Your Headlights”, letting people know they are going underground into a whole new world.  Our sign could say “Delayed Sunset Time: Turn Your Headlights On One Hour Later.”  No, that’s not really accurate.

   How about “Pretend It’s Still November 6th”, or more accurately, “Pretend It’s Still Sometime Before 2 a.m., November 7th”.

    We have to do something, because it just doesn’t seem right that people should get here one hour later than they thought they were arriving.  That would be embarrassing to prompt people.

    Is what we are doing an act of revolution or an act of reformation?

   Time is relative.  We refuse to be prisoners to its dictatorship.  Therefore, what we are doing is revolting against the dictatorship of relative time.

   Enjoy your extra hour of sleep tomorrow, a one day benefit.  We will be enjoying our delayed sunset all winter long.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.



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