The Parable of the St. Lucy’s Sower

    A sower went out to gather soil to sow his seed.  Some soil he found under the apple tree which looked rich and ripe for raising wheat.   Other good soil he found under a pine tree and still other soil he found in a garden patch.   The soils were put into two containers.   One container was a clear plastic cup, the other a tall, red ceramic Christmas mug with “Joy to the World” imprinted around Christmas packages. 

    The seed came from a bag of wheat in the garage that the sower’s nephew uses to feed the mushrooms which he raises in the basement.   The seed was given, not taken from the nephew.   So the sower came in to sow his seed.  He planted it not so very deep.  Careful in his labor, none of the seed fell on the carpet or table or upon the window sill where the cup and mug were placed on either side of the small mug in which was grown the St. Lucy Wheat of 2011.  Some of that wheat was allowed to grow, and it grew and eventually headed out, though it never produced grain.  It was allowed to dry, and the dry wheat stalks with heads intact still stand in the cup on the sill.

    With the sower’s labors complete, the sower then commended the hoped for fruit of his labor to St. Lucy. 

     Later, the sower was asked to explain the parable.  He said, “This is how it is with the St. Lucy Wheat; it is as if a man should scatter seed in two cups and would sleep and rise night and day and hope that the seed would sprout and grow, though he knows not how, before Christmas Eve.   And then when the seed has yielded first the short blade and then the longer blade, he will wield his makeshift sickle at once and cut the blades for the Christmas crib that Baby Jesus might have a soft place onto which he might lay his sweet head.  Then he will sing a Christmas lullaby to the Holy Infant, and beg Him in His peaceful slumber to grant faith to the weary world and a springtime of evangelization among a starving people."

   That is the meaning of the St. Lucy Sower.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.    


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