Here’s a brief summary of the  newspaper to keep us up-to-date on what’s current at Seton.

  • Editorial:  Changing our culture to one of Life.
  • Musical 2012:  Oliver!  (This was the musical in 1996.  “Brendan Hilleary had no plans to be in the musical.   However, since his friend Michelle Hadro was auditioning he tagged along and helped during the tryouts.  Miss Lee was so impressed that she gave him the role of Mr. Bumble.  Brendan is now married to Michele and Miss Lee is now Mrs. Vander Woude.)
  • Aunt Betty & Uncle Benny encourage group dating for the Enthronement Dance.
  • Benefits and detriments of video games are debated.
  • Mr. Panning looks forward to this year’s drumline being the best ever and the jazz band as a “really tight, groovin’ unit”.
  • New Clubs at Seton:  the Young Democrats have been formed to try to advance pro-life issues within the party.  The Youth Medical Society is led by Mrs. Foeckler for those interested in a medical profession.  The Improv Club led by Mr. Moore is ready for spontaneous entertainment.  And the SSC is now known as the SGSC (Student Government Service Committee) and has added the offices of Sergeant of Arms and Fundraising Chair.  [Obviously more bureaucracy!]
  • Cox Farm’s Field of Fear finds Philip Wykowski taking on the role of a cowboy in the Dark Side Hayride.
  • And the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating for canned goods for the poor begun by Patricks Gott & Jacobeen in 2003 continues under the leadership of Mary Jacobeen
  • Kayleen Nagurny’s artistic prowess is spotlighted.  Her works can be seen around the school including a portrait of Dr. Carroll in Mrs. Carroll’s classroom.
  • A graph shows the ratio between the weight of 7th graders and their backpacks
  • Freshmen obviously enjoyed the 1st dance of the year:  A Winter Wonderland
  • Athletes Joe Francis and Lexy Smith are featured.  Joe decided to play soccer after hearing what a great coach Mr. Duran is.  [Seton upset #1 seed Fredericksburg Christian in the semifinals of the league tournament and then lost to Tandem Friends in penalty kicks 8-5]  Lexy led Seton in VB kills and a 3rd place finish in the DAC and 9th in the state.
  • The boys cross country team had the top 3 finishers in the league [4 now score in the DAC] and easily won the league title.  The girls had the #1 runner and both teams are prepping for state.
  • Girls tennis finished ahead of Wakefield but behind Fred Academy and Highland
  • Open Mic Night was a hit.
  • Seton had active participation in the 40 Days for Life.  Mrs. Maher, wife of teacher Dan Maher, volunteers at both the Crisis Pregnancy Center and AAA Women for Choice.  A new obstacle to combat:  the abortion clinic next to AAA now has escorts reducing the # of accidental walk-ins who mistake AAA for the abortion clinic. 
  • The movie “Courageous” gets a good review
  • Trick-or-Treating has its origins in the English giving soul cakes to visitors in promise for prayers for their departed loved ones
  • Miller Baker, father of 2 Seton students, is running for the State Senate and Mike Messier, uncle of 2 Seton students, is running for Manassas sheriff.  Elections are November 8th

Remember you can read the Seton Sentinel at seton-school.org and you can follow the Seton sports teams on Max Preps:  Seton is in the Delaney Athletic Conference and VISAA Division II.  You can also go to the VISAA website to check state rankings.

   You might also like to go to the Shenandoah University Athletics website to read about alumna Kat Terza who was named soccer MVP of their league tournament and whose team is now in the NCAA DIII tournament.

   And soon you will be hearing about her older sister Maureen Campbell, also an alum and in her 5th year teaching at Seton, who just won an award.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.