Matteo Geneosese-Zerbi was a 7th grader at Seton last school year.   His sister Alessandra is an '06 gradaute of Seton.   His mom has taught math and Italian.   Matteo was diagnosed as having Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.  His story can be read on his Caringbridge site which you can link to by going to Seton's web site:  seton-school and then clicking on "post updates" at the top of the page.  It is an amazing story.

   Mom and I moved in with my sister Barb and her family in Aurora, Colorado, 16 months ago.   We live about five miles from the theatre where the attack took place.   Barb's son Nathaniel went to firefighting academy with one of those killed and plays lacrosse with another who was at the theatre that night.  From our parish, St. Michael's, one was killed and one injured.  

   The day before the shootings, Bishop Aquila became the new archbishop of Denver.  Here is a summary of a story that appeared today in the Denver Catholic Register.  It would be worth your time to read the whole story on the Denver Catholic Register site.

   While Bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, Archbishop Aquila had a seminarian who had a rare and virulent form of cancer.   He accompanied his seminarian, Darin Didier, to Lourdes, but assured him that if he was not cured, he would be ordained early enabling him to die a priest.  Father Didier died three months after his ordination.  Since his death seven years ago, more than 100 people have testified to his intercessory power.   Here is one story.  During his seminary years, Father Didier became close friends with a family who had gone through much in order to adopt a son from Korea.  Their son was now three years old, and the couple wanted to adopt again, but the strain of going through the adoption procedures a second time was daunting.  One morning their son came down for breakfast and said, "Father Darin was here last night."  He had to repeat his announcement three times before his mother paid attention.  She asked him what Father had said. Her son replied, "He said he had something sweet for us."  The next day, an adoption agency called to tell the parents that they had a child from Africa who could be adopted immediately.  The couple adopted their second son without any of the trials they had experiencd in their first adoption.

Jezu, ufam Tobie. 





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