You might find this interesting.
I have all my stuff in the basement which flooded recently. I decided to use the occasion to get rid of stuff, reorganize some things, and in the process found “treasures” that had been long forgotten. One was a note from Mr. Scheetz’s mom telling me the story about how Mr. Scheetz and Miss Kelly became engaged. I gave the letter to Pete.
Also among the long-forgotten was a note from a parent that accompanied some pamphlets that she thought I might be able to use in religion class.
The note said, “Feel free to keep them a while, but I would like them back eventually.” It is signed and dated. The date: 4/6/06.
“A while” is indefinite. But it is probably safe to say that ten years exceeds what was meant by “a while”.
It was in ’06 that I was teaching the twins, the first members of the family to come to Seton. It is now ’16, and the youngest of the family is a junior in logic. I told him that I had some pamphlets that his mother had given me. I estimated that they were given on loan 15 years ago. (I hadn’t noticed the date on the note.) I asked him if I could give them to him. He laughed, and said, “Sure.”
But now I am thinking that I should not return the pamphlets until the sixth. That would make the return exactly ten years after the loan and two days after the dedication of the chapel. Maybe the mom can come in to the class to receive them.
”I would like them back eventually…keep them a while” I think I need deadlines.

Jezu, ufam Tobie. (I have my classes saying this at the end of our prayer to start class.)

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