It was about a year ago that I asked families to submit their account of how they came to Seton.   I only got a few responses which I am going to post, beginning with the Majewski's story.  It seems appropriate on this feast of St. Vincent,deacon and martyr, that we should do so since Mr. Majewski is now Deacon Majewski.  This account was submitted last April, so we you will see that then Mr. Majewski was a Diaconate Candidate.    

How the Majewski family came to Seton:

For 30 years the Majewskis were a globe-trotting Foreign Service family.  In the late 1980s while posted at the US Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, Mrs. Majewski read an advertisement for Christendom College which appeared in a Catholic magazine called, "Fidelity."  She tucked the information about this wonderful college into a corner of her heart, where it remained for many years.  Fast forward to 2002 when Mr. Majewski was finishing a second assignment to Ottawa and due to transfer in August to the Department of State in Washington, DC.  In March the family purchased a house in Manassas (because Mrs. Majewski's best Foreign Service friend had settled there).

Imagine Mrs. Majewski's delight when she read an article  in the "Arlington Herald" diocesan newspaper about the May Crowning ceremony and first learned that Manassas was the home of Seton School, founded by Anne W. Carroll, wife of the founder of Christendom College!  (It was not until many years later that we learned that Seton School actually came first!)  Mrs. Majewski immediately wrote a letter to Mrs. Carroll, asking if there was an opening in 7th grade for James Majewski; she did not, however, tell James or Mr. Majewski about this.

When the Majewskis moved to Manassas in August,  there was still no reply from Seton School, so it seemed that James would attend public middle school.  For some reason, he was looking forward greatly to attending a big American public school.  Then, one day while Mr. and Mrs. Majewski were watching the canonization of Juan Diego on EWTN, the phone rang…it was Mrs. Carroll!  She said an opening had suddenly become available. Mrs. Majewski's prayer had been answered, but now she had to tell James and Mr. Majewski!  It was a little miracle that James embraced the idea, and there was room in the family budget for unexpected school tuition.

Now in 2013, James and Janie have both graduated from Seton, and Brian is a senior there.  Mr. Majewski is a deacon candidate for the diocese, and James is a diocesan seminarian.  Truly the fruits of being a part of the blessed Seton community!


[I think Mrs. Majewski's account can serve as a template for others to follow:   a little family history, the actual coming to Seton and outcome.   I hope this will inspire others to tell their story.   Don't worry about writing perfection — use your own style and just enjoy writing it down.   If I want to do some editing, I will always give it back to you for your approval.  You can submit your account to the Seton office or directly to me at [email protected]

Jezu, ufam Tobie.