Dear Mrs. Carroll,

I came to Seton as a sophomore in 1996. I must admit that at the beginning I questioned what I had gotten myself into. I was coming from a larger Catholic school that seemed to have all the big facilities and the nice amenities. It’s hard for me to believe that now 10 years later, I would say that your school, Mrs. Carroll, is the main reason I have so much hope in my life.

After meeting Colonel P., who enjoyed yelling at me ‘Yo thug, get over here’ or ‘Hey rookie, this isn’t the Little Sisters of the Poor’… I just knew I had to be in the right place. When I think back to why I was so changed by my Seton experience, it was because of the teachers, the examples that we all witnessed. If I had ever doubted my Catholic faith as being the one true Church, I never doubted it again after coming to your school.

I now work as an Adult Oncology nurse. I am able to help people, many who will take their last breath in front of me. I come across many people who have to die alone with no sense of hope at all. These moments at work always take me back to my junior year, kneeling on that hardwood gym floor, as Col P. was wheeled in front of the student body. It’s still hard for me to recall exactly what he said because of the sadness of the moment, but what I do remember was the abundant hope that radiated from his soul to all of us present.

Because of Seton, I know why he was able to express such hope. He entrusted himself into the Divine Mercy of Our Lord. Mrs. Carroll, thank you for teaching us the truth.   Thank you for giving me a life filled with hope and a faith my family will always live to the best of our ability.

God Bless you and all the Seton Family,

Cathy Munsell – Class of 1999

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