For the first time in its 9 year run, an all alumni team won the Col. P Memorial Golf Tournament! Held at Bristow Manor Golf Club on Tuesday, October 6, 2009, the Tournament boasted 102 golfers on a beautiful fall day. 

At the end of 18 holes, two teams both scored 13 under par.  Ray Kenna (Seton parent and SSSO board member) and his foursome have been in a tie with the Daniel brothers foursome previously and won, but this year the tiebreaker went to the Daniel’s.  Also making good showings were: the Seton Golf team (Neil Blanchard, John Franke, Pat Kenna, and Nick Kenna) with a score of 12 under; the Uribe Team and the Remington/Rowzie/Olszewski/Murphy team who both scored 11 under. 

There were many alumni/teachers (present and former) in attendance:  Joe Angsten, Tony Catabui, Jake Cooley, Jake Daniel, Joey Daniel, Josh Daniel, Phil Daniel, Justin Grimberg, Steve Jones, Joe Lalli, Dan Maher, Michael McGrath, Mike Olszewski, Dick Pennefather, Lalo Uribe, Tonio Uribe, Dan Vander Woude, and Steve Vander Woude.  Moreover, “Closest to the pin” was won by husband of alumnus Michaela (Gray) Grinder!! 

And parents of alumni:  Mike Bartnick, Hugh Brien, Joe Duda, Eugene Foeckler, Pete Grimberg, Jim and Frances Heim, Tim and Allison Kaczmarski, Bob Marshall, Pat Mooney, Jorge Rangel, Chris Roccato, Chris Smith, Larry Uribe, Buzz Verry, and Jim Warrick.  Also golfing was Jack McDonald, another SSSO board member.

Funds from the golf tournament go towards uniforms, sports equipment, other athletic costs and the Col. P. Memorial Scholarship awarded to a senior boy and girl in the spring.

Special thanks to all the friends, alumni, and Seton parents who came out for the event.  In particular, the Athletic Department would like to recognize their Tournament Gold Sponsors:  All Saints, St. John’s in Leesburg, John C. Grimberg Company, Kenna Painting, the Remington Family, and SSI Services.

More photos and information about the event can be found on the event website:


and (new addition!!!)…


1st Place Team 
Phil, Joe, Jake, & Josh Daniel 
13 under par (won on tiebreaker) 
2nd Place Team 
Ray Kenna, J. Villa, M. Wildey, J. Buhl 
13 under par (lost on tiebreaker) 
3rd Place Team 
L. Uribi, J. Choi, L. Uribi, A. Britt 
11 under par (won on tiebreaker) 
4th Place Team 
M. Remington, M. Murphy, R. Rowsie, M. Olszewski 
11 under par (lost on tiebreaker) 
Joe Grinder 
B. DeFranco 
Dr. Deal Hudson 


Below find a shot of the winners and a shot of the present Seton golf team enjoying beautiful Bristow: