There once was the Pete and Bobbie Show.  This was a great production that took place on the front steps of our house with my sister Barb and me as  the pre-school co-hosts and co-stars.  The show was not produced regularly, and it did not have a long run, but the few editions were classics.  Barb and I would grab some old badminton rackets, go outside and begin jamming.  I have no idea what we sang – I think we made up songs – but the imagined crowds went wild.  We were basically superstars and we knew it.

   Fast forward a little less than 50 years to yesterday to find Pete and Bobbie reunited.  We couldn’t find any badminton rackets, so we launched a new venture:  Pete and Bobbie’s Beauty Shop.

   Our parlor’s dimensions were 3½ feet  by 4½ feet in a quaint part of our house.  The little cubicle is bounded by the bathroom door straight ahead; a bedroom door to the right and a four-door linen closet to the left.  The entrance to it is an open arch.  It has a wood floor and an old fashioned round light fixture off-centered above.

   By doctor’s orders, Mom was to have her hair washed 10 straight days.  Five of these had been completed using a four shampoo rotation:  an imported Italian shampoo, an all-natural organic shampoo with tea tree oil, Selsun Blue and another all-natural shampoo also with tea tree oil and mint.  So, at Pete and Bobbie’s Beauty Shop Mom was going to get her 6th  shampoo with the organic in its second use.

   The beauty shop was prepared.  The floor was covered with an old shower curtain, the portable shower head extended and easily reached into the cubicle. a rain coat carefully placed to put on Mom when she arrived and a plastic funnel cap readied to put around Mom’s head so the water would be channeled into a plastic storage bin behind her.  We had thought of everything. An additional feature of our shop was its handicap accessible quality – Mom could roll right into it in her wheelchair and stay in the wheelchair for the whole shampoo.  Convenience to the max.

   Mom was rolled in; the funnel cap put in place; the water warmed up and sprayed on her hair. Another successful show begun by Pete and Bobbie.  Then Mom gave a little shout as water began running down her back.  We had forgotten the raincoat! But why was water running down her back anyway? 

   Operation halted to throw raincoat around Mom.

   Shampoo applied by Bobbie.

   Rinsing begun by Pete.

   Water flooding into bathroom.

   Water flooding onto shower curtain.

   Water flooding Mom.

   Some water running into storage bin but not much.

   Bobbie declares that no water or shampoo has gotten into Mom’s eyes.   Success!

   Shampooing completed.  Water turned off.

   Pete begins mopping bathroom floor with six big bath towels including one Goliath would have appreciated.

    Bobbie begins surveying damage done to Mom.  She finds only her eyes and somehow her shoes and socks did not get drenched. 

    Pete and Bobbie go from running a beauty shop to running a clothier as we find some dry summer smart casuals for Mom.

   An “Out of Business” sign is hung on the archway.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.