In 1981, Tom and Mary Ellen Vander Woude moved their (at the time) five sons from Georgia to Manassas, VA to attend Seton School. Over the years, Tom served on Seton’s Board of Directors, ran the homeschool, coached the junior varsity and varsity boys’ soccer and basketball teams. He served as a jack of all trades to provide for Seton’s needs including installing its current wood floor, bleachers, curtain, and even electricity. Six of his sons graduated from Seton, but all seven of them were involved in Seton’s basketball program. Tom even coached his grandson Tim on the junior varsity. Two years ago, on the Feast of Our Lady’s Nativity, he died as he lived – giving generously of himself to save his youngest son, Joseph.

 On the second anniversary of his death, Seton dedicated the gym floor in his memory. The ceremony began with the rosary led by his former players, altar boys and granddaughter Maggie. Afterward, Mrs. Carroll and Mr. Tim Heisler read tributes written by Mr. Westhoff, Bishop Loverde, Archbishop Chaput and others. Father Tom Vander Woude then blessed the court and the student body. Fittingly, due to all the Marian days hosted at the Vander Woude home, the ceremony opened and closed with hymns to Our Lady. Thank you to all the students, parents, friends and alumni who attended the event.

 Service to Seton:

Member of the Board

Director of Seton Homestudy

Varsity Basketball Coach

Varsity Soccer Coach

JV Basketball Coach

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