Feb Inquisitor Part 2

   We are going to finish with the February news from Seton.  Before I do that, I want to let you know that the little peach tree that we have grown from a pit and that we have in a 5 gallon bucket in the house just got its first leaf this week.  We are waiting to see if it might blossom this year – it is about 2 years behind schedule for that.  It might be wanting to be transplanted outside.  The snow is almost all melted around here – shady spots still have some, but spring-like weather this week may even take care of all that.  OK here’s the rest of what the Inquisitor covered.

   Hutton Jackson’s editorial was on the trip to visit with the homeless in DC on Super Bowl Sunday.  He said, “I encourage everyone to make the trip next year and see first hand what a great and fulfilling experience it is.” 

   The Seton favorite commercial from the SB was the M&M’s milk chocolate party.  I only watched the last quarter of the game and don’t remember any commercials.

   Aunt Betty & Uncle Benny gave lots of advice including counsel to one worried about measuring up to smart siblings.  That was always a problem in our family since seven of us followed Mrs. Carroll.  Actually it wasn’t a problem.  We were just kind of happy the way we were.

   The debate this issue was between teacher and student on legal outerwear.  You might be surprised that student Matt Hassan argues for greater latitude, while teacher Mr. Erwin is pro the status quo.

   There was a page summarizing the club activities.  We see that the Foreign Language Club combined Mardi Gras and the Olympiad this year.  Maybe that means they gave out purple beads instead of gold medals.  The Swing Club is learning barn dancing; Student Government is gearing up for a St. Patrick’s Day dance; the NHS raised $2800 to fight Cystic Fibrosis and the Haiti Project ran a Valentine themed drive.

   The article we were all expecting was “My Life as a Microwave at Seton” which was autobiographical from Gary the Microwave.  Hard life for old Gary, but he considers himself lucky to be in the high school and not in the junior high.

   The wrestling team had success this year with three taking first place at the State Catholic Tournament in Richmond. 

   There was a recap of the basketball season.  I can give an update since the article.  The girls made the state tournament, losing in the first round while the boys returned to the St. Anselm’s Tournament where they took 4th.

   There were many other good articles, but not specifically about Seton things. 

   The retreats were held at the end of February, so we should hear about them in the March edition. 

   We’re almost half way through Lent. 

Jezu, ufam Tobie.