Singing.   It is on my mind.  Today at the 9 o'clock Mass at St. Michael's, Father Riley was the celebrant.  This has nothing to do with singing, but Father created a beautiful atmosphere for the celebration of the Queenship of Mary.  He spoke about the challenges to life and marriage in our society, and gave our heavenly Queen as the answer to these problems.  We did sing three verses of "Hail Holy Queen" which was also wonderful.

Sidetracked, I was grateful for the news that alumna Laura Myers Hilleary will be directing the Seton choir this coming school year.   As a freshman, Laura was an outstanding Eliza Doolittle in Seton's production of My Fair Lady which also featured all the great hats that Mrs. McDonald organized the making of.   We wish Laura all the best.

Then, putting singing and challenges together, I have come up with a suggestion.   I think it would be a good idea to add on two verses of Immaculate Mary to our family/school rosary from now to election day:   the first verse which gives Blessed Mother the title by which she is the patroness of our country,   and the 3rd verse:  "We pray for the Church, our true Mother on earth/ And beg you to watch over the land of our birth."   Mary is the true directress of America.  

It is serious business facing our nation that Father talked about today, but he gave us the answer.  Our rosaries are part of the answer, and maybe our singing could be part of it too.

Jezu, ufam Tobie.