Seton dad, Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s Attorney General, is running for Governor of Virginia.   The first step toward becoming governor is to win the Republican Party nomination at the Republican Convention on Saturday, May 18th.

    This convention is where you can make a real difference.   Any registered voter in Virginia can be a delegate to the convention and vote for Mr. Cuccinelli to be the Republican nominee.   You need to sign up to be a delegate and you can do so at .   Then you need to go to Richmond on May 18th to cast your ballot.      

    The Convention is an enjoyable day.   I went one year and was amazed at how many people from long ago and not so long ago I ran into.   You don’t have to like politics to like the convention, but you do have to be there in order to cast a vote.  

    I urge you to register as a delegate today.  And I also urge you to talk to family, friends and neighbors about registering as well.   If you need a ride to the convention, there is a place on the website after you click on “Become a Delegate” to indicate this.    

     There is a lot that goes on in May, and the weekend of the 18th, I am sure, will have various things clamoring for your attention.   But please give a priority to helping Ken Cuccinelli, a remarkably fine man who would be a tremendous governor,  to get the Republican nomination.  

   All of us, whether in Virginia or not, can begin today to pray for Mr. Cuccinelli and his family.


    May 18th is in the middle of the month dedicated to Blessed Mother; it is the last day of the Easter Season and the Eve of Pentecost.  So, if we make a novena before Pentecost as the Apostles and Blessed Mother did, we would begin on Ascension Thursday, May 9th.   We could certainly keep Mr. Cuccinelli in our prayers during this novena.         


Jezu, ufam Tobie.