Choir Days

   I always enjoyed the Seton Choir and the time I got to sing with the very talented student vocalists.  From the days when Mrs. Gregory directed it and strategically placed her son Glen next to me to keep me on tune; to the days of Mr. Mercier’s direction when I had Mike Medina next to me to make sure I came in on the “Sicut Cervis” bass part at the right time; to the year Mrs. Cummings directed and fed us well; to the short time I was able to sing under the current director, Mrs. Ross, when the choir moved to the Corpus Christi building.

   I am thinking of the choir now and missing the beautiful Advent songs we sang through the years.  The four that immediately come to mind are “Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming”, “Drop Down Dew”, “People Look East” and my favorite “Comfort, Comfort”. 

   Mom and I do our Advent prayers after sunset (5:30 DST).  We pray five Hail and Blesseds and then sing a verse from an Advent song.  It is my favorite part of the day.

   Some time for our Seton alumni gathering, I think we should put out a special appeal to all choir members and directors to come and have a short rehearsal during the day and sing for the gathering that night. It would be worth the price of admission for sure.

   “Hark! The herald’s voice is crying, in the desert far and near.  Bidding all to true repentance, for the Kingdom now is here.  O that warning cry obey….”


Jezu, ufam Tobie.