Family went to out to eat tonight. Restaurant name was Home Plate. Some very dumb show (there are some of those out there) on TV. Asked the waitress if she could change the channel to the World Series. (We are all in a family pool — my number is 7). The waitress asked, “Is that soccer?” Remember, the restaurant is Home Plate. She did admit that she had no interest in sports. We asked what she did like to talk about. She said anything but sports….and history and math and politics. Wanted to ask what she had read recently but decided not to. Other family members ordered a piece of cherry pie to share. They each got two pieces of cheesecake. She gave them two pieces because she said she broke the knife trying to cut the cheesecake. (They had asked for the pie to be heated — got frozen cheesecake instead.) I now say this absolutely sincerely. She was one of the best waitresses ever. It was a very fun dining experience. Seven not looking like a winner again. Sister Kath has won twice with 5; her son Brent won with 8 and her husband won with 9. The rest of us are still waiting. Hope your dining and World Series (that’s baseball) experiences are going well.

Jezu, ufam Tobie.

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