Book Revised

   Before a word of it has been officially written, the book is now under revision.   There were many great nominations, and the list is quite long, and I am now not sure what I will do with it.  After conferring with an interested party (one of those who suggested the book be written), we had both come up with the same idea:  think up chapters and then ask for submissions to the chapters.   That way we aren’t working on all things at once, and there is more direction to the proceedings.

    We each made up our own lists of chapters and have combined them.  There are many chapter possibilities and some of them overlap.  But I think it gives us something to work with.   So what I am thinking of doing right now is to find out what Mrs. Carroll wants to do with the first part of the book and also  try to get stories from the earliest years – from the teachers and students of the “rental years” – when Seton rented rather than owned buildings.  I think this covers the first five years of Seton.  Mrs. Schuller (Haggerty) was involved with Seton from the very first year and has agreed to write about some of her memories and has already submitted one.  I am also trying to get a list of all the students who attended those first years – yearbooks should provide the names.  I think Mrs. Carroll is looking for a volunteer to go through the yearbooks to make up a list.  Contact her if this is something you might enjoy doing or offering up for Lent.     

    But so that everyone can be involved right away, we are also going to take inspiring, humorous or otherwise interesting stories from any year about how your family came to be at Seton or first impressions of Seton.  I have had one submission and the promise of one other on this topic.  Teachers could certainly include their stories.  What would be especially helpful is for the writer to give the year of first joining Seton and the years of all family members at Seton.   That way we can organize the chapter with stories through the years.   I will post a couple examples when I have them (with author’s permission) to help get the ball rolling.  If you have a good story, but don’t feel like writing it, offer up the writing for Lent.

    I think we can have a great book, but we will need people to begin writing.   I’m off to start writing my “How I came to Seton”.     


Jezu, ufam Tobie. 

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