I don't know if you will be able to click on the link to get to this story, but it is worth typing in to see it.   And there is video with it which I haven't seen — need some sort of update.   The chapel in the story is located on the land that my mom's uncle donated to the Church.   The whole complex used to be called Camp St. Malo.   St. Malo is a French saint, patron of fishermen.   Mom's uncle's last name, and her mom's maiden name was Malo.   Grandma was French.  Back to the whole complex:   everything but the chapel was destroyed by a fire a few years ago that started from an ember from a fireplace in the lodge part of the retreat center.    The chapel was in no danger from that fire.   But the mudslide that you will read about in the story, or hear about in the video was a serious threat to the chapel.

the problem is there are spaces in the link — they are necessary to get to the story, but they don't allow for clicking on.  When I leave out the spaces, I've gotten to some strange sites. 

http://www.9news.com news local article 356169 346 Chapel-on-the-Rock-surviv