An Army of Youth

   The most recent on-line Sentinel editions came in a bunch, so I’m a little behind in alerting you to happenings at Seton.   I’ll concentrate on the most recent issue, but if you want to know when picture day and retakes day were, along with other info such as what to wear to the Enthronement Dance, you can go back to old issues.

    It’s the end of the Church Year, so one of the best days of the school year is almost here – the celebration of Christ the King with the Eucharistic Procession, the return to the school for the singing of “An Army of Youth” and then the pep assembly.   That all takes place this Friday.    So that means that Seton has been in Spirit Week this week.   There is a flyer you can look at on-line about Spirit Week as well as one on Military Appreciation Day which is November 19th.

   Then there will be Thanksgiving vacation followed by  a few weeks before Christmas.    After returning from Christmas vacation, everyone will be gearing up for the auditions and the ad campaign for The King and I.  And in the midst of that will be the science fair.  [These 2013 events, of course, presuppose that the fiscal cliff looming ahead of us, doesn’t bring about our demise.  Let’s plan, at least, at seeing each other at the bottom.]   

   And we have the chapel to keep in our prayers.  We pray each morning to Mother Seton for the holiness of Seton and the chapel.  [We are all-inclusive in praying for Seton – from 1975 to the present and into the future.]    

  As we consider Thanksgiving traditions, we might be inclined to be jealous of the Pilgrims and Indians for their free-range turkeys and that everything that spilled out of their cornucopias was organically grown and pesticide free.   But let us be thankful that we have Safeways and Giants and electric or gas range ovens in which to cook our food and that we live in a land that God favors with a cornucopia of blessings including an Army of Youth coming forth from Seton each year.    


Jezu, ufam Tobie.