Alumni Far & Nigh

   We have had an alumnus and an alumna make some sporting news that will soon, make its appearance on the Facebook portion of this site.  Here, I have tidbits of interesting news.  Some tidbits greater than others, but all well worth the read.

   As you already know Oliver! was the musical of choice again this year.  At one of the performances Josh Warrick (‘97), who played Bill Sikes in Seton’s first production, was in attendance.  After the curtain call, Josh sought out this year’s actor who portrayed Bill Sikes to congratulate him on a job well done.  I don’t know who that fellow is, but I bet he was appreciative of Josh’s kind words.

   This next tidbit is partly bizarre and partly amazing.  You probably know that you can send messages to anyone who is registered on OurSeton.  Three years ago I sent out many messages to those whose names appeared in the list of alumni and friends.  Well, three years later I got a return message from Crispin Ketelhut (‘02).  The message I sent was during the Easter Season, and she saw the message three Easter Seasons later.  The message was timeless, except that it wished Crispin a Happy Easter, and so the message was as good as the day it was sent when it was read three years later.  In fact, one of the things I mentioned was Crispin’s taking over the band program for the first few weeks of school.  Cripsin assuming this duty was amazing because she was a new transfer, driving all the way from Culpepper each day.   The one who was supposed to direct the band for the year, suddenly couldn’t, and so the school year was going to start with no director until Crispin stepped up and took the baton.  Joe Montelione became the director shortly into the school year, and Crispin mentioned in her message that she had recently talked to him.   I also said that I hoped her commute to work was nothing like her commute to school, and she assured me it only takes her a couple minutes to get to work.  Crispin said that she had never actually officially registered for OurSeton until recently and that was the reason she had not gotten my message earlier.   Three years later, her reply was like finding a note in a bottle that had bobbed across the wide Pacific, except that I got it in Colorado a couple mountain ranges removed from the Pacific.

    I am not always the most up on the social scene, but I think the most recent uniting of alumni in Holy Matrimony goes to Teresa Myers (‘02) and Patrick Grenier (‘01) who were married on April 20th three years ago.  No, really, they were married just this past month.  Mrs. Carroll told me that the ceremony was beautiful and included the singing of two of Teresa’s alumni siblings  John and Mimi.  Mrs. Carroll also said the reception was great with many alumni in attendance.  Unfortunately I do not have the list of attendees to give you more information than that.  Blessings on Teresa and Pat.

   The State Pro-Life Speech Contest was held last Saturday.  Seton sent four competitors.   Three of these have had a sibling or more graduate from Seton and the other is the oldest daughter of two alumni.  Cat Rogers: Ed (‘00), Will (’02), John (’04) and Lizzie (‘11);   Sarah Zapien: Leslie (’11);   Michael Rangel:  Chris & Anthony (’06)  and Denise Heisler:  Tim Mr. Heisler (‘90) and Mary McCarron Mrs. Heisler (’90).  And the rumor that each of them used the speech of one of their siblings or parent is not true.  Michael finished second at the State Contest.


   I know that the humble alumni of Seton are reluctant to pass on info about themselves, so if any of you have a son or daughter, brother or sister, some other sort of relative or a friend who is an alum of Seton and has done something interesting, let us know.  I can forward what you send to the proper authorities.  My e-mail is    [email protected]


Jezu, ufam Tobie.  Alleluia!