Mr. Grimberg has organized a 54 Day Rosary Novena [a series of 6 consecutive novenas, the first three for the intention and the last three in thanksgiving to God for His answer]   Prayers will begin on September 13th and continue through November 5th, the eve of the elections.   Each night at 7 p.m. the novena will be prayed in the All Saints Chapel.  Those of us far or near can join this prayer crusade within our homes or at our own parish church. Though the stakes are high in this election from future appointments to the Supreme Court to "Health Care", we are praying for more than favorable results in this one election.  We are praying for the conversion of hearts beginning with those within the Catholic Church who do not heed the Magisterium's teaching about children within the womb; those facing end-of–life decisions; marriage; procreation; religious liberty and all other truths.   Let us find 15 minutes each day to join in prayers to Blessed Mother for our country and the salvation of souls.  

Jesu, ufam Tobie.   

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