1.  What current Seton employee’s spouse taught the 2nd year of Seton?  A.  Mrs. Mirus;   B.  Mr. Terza;     C.  Mrs. O’Herron

2.   What state did 6 Seton boarding students come from?  A.  Maryland;    B. Pennsylvania     C.  Wisconsin

3.  What job did Seton take on to raise $$ for the first Seton musical?   A.  Emptying storage sheds that renters had abandoned;    B.  Cleaning the Patriot Center after a concert;   C.  sacking mulch at the Prince William landfill.

4.  Why did a Seton student who won the state pro-life speech contest not compete at the nationals?   A.  It was demanded that she change the speech;    B.  It conflicted with her graduation;     C.  She was in jail for blocking an abortion clinic with Operation Rescue.

5.  What unusual place did Seton play a home volleyball game?   A.  St. Timothy’s gym in Chantilly;    B.  The Manassas Armory;   C.  the old carpeted gym



   In the large main building we turned down the cloister leading past the chapter hall to the abbey church.  It was pitch black, and it was with difficulty that I found my way to the first choir stall to turn on the light.  In its dim glow the church looked strange and unreal and almost lonely.  The moonlight was shining through the stained glass windows as I had often seen it in years past.  He led me down to the end of the choir, and stood in the middle of it between Reverend Father’s and Father Prior’s stall.  He put his hands on my shoulders.

   “This is where you stood for many hours.  This is where you prayed to Me for all the suffering, sinning members.  Do you remember all those years?”

   Did I remember them?  Did I remember all the 43 years since I cam here as a boy of 17?  How long those hours seemed.  The cold air of the 43 Februaries seemed to seep into the very center of my body, and I began to shiver.

   I noticed that He began walking toward the front of the church.  I followed Him up to the presbytery step, over the bare wooden floor, and up the three steps to the high altar. He motioned me to His side.

   “Do you remember many years ago at this altar?  It was April 23rd in the year 1930, Wednesday of Easter week.”  I had never forgotten that terrifying day.  It seemed a million life times.

  ——————————————————————————————————                                                                                                                                                                   1.  C.  Mrs. O’Herron’s husband taught the second year at Seton before he began teaching at Christendom’s in its first year.   Mrs. Mirus started teaching the 3rd year of Seton, at the same time that Dr. Mirus started at CC.  Mr. Terza started much later at Seton and his daughter Maureen (Mrs. Campbell) teaches too, but Mrs. Terza has never taught at Seton.  She is a nurse.

  1. 2.  A & C (I think) Wisconsin supplied six Seton students, four from the Fiala family:  Bonnie, Debbie, Tammy and Barry.  Monica Malavorh came the same year as Bonnie.  (Father) Pat Beno also boarded from Wisconsin and graduated with Bonnie and Monica in 1987  The most out-of-state students have come from Maryland, but they were not all boarders.  Those that did board at least some of their time at Seton were  Todd  and Craig Summers; Joadie Van Norman ; Stefano Flori; and Karen and Ellen Hepner.   There was a time when there were more out-of-state students than students from Manassas attending Seton.  It would be interesting to compile a list of all the boarders:  from Maine to Florida to Arkansas and from Viet Nam to Ireland to Mexico and the states and nations in between.  And to remember all the different residences of the boarders:  from the Boarding House to Mr. P and Mr. Brown’s boarding apartment to Miles Jesu to Mrs. Haggerty’s home and many other places.
  2. 3.  B.  Yes, Seton teachers, students, parents all pitched in to clean the George Mason University’s Patriot Center.  I don’t remember what group was playing, but their fans were pretty untidy.  The job was repeated a year later to raise money to help offset medical costs for David McCarron’s broken leg.  Those other two jobs sound pretty bad too,  but we never did those.  The closest we came to emptying storage sheds was the time the fire marshal declared the rooms above the stage unsafe and everything from there, including all of Miss Lee’s (Mrs. VW) things from her office for the SSC, had to be moved to a storage unit and later moved back when the fire marshal changed his mind.  The most unusual item in that move was the giant stuffed bear from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  And even though Seton never sacked mulch at a landfill, there is an amazing Seton landfill story.  When the Carrolls were moving from their townhouse in Irongate to their new home on Maple Street across from Seton, Mrs. Carroll bagged a set of religion tests and her grade bookt in a black plastic bag to take to her new home.  Before she got them there, someone involved in the moving process saw the black bag and, naturally, assumed it was trash and threw it in with the rest of the garbage going to the landfill.  Mrs. Carroll soon discovered what had happened.  Since Mrs. Carroll hardly knows what to do with her time when she doesn’t have tests to grade, she really wanted those tests back.  Mrs. Duda and Mrs. Foeckler began praying and Mr. Rogers and Colonel Duda took off for the landfill with the easy task of looking for the rare commodity of a black plastic trash bag at a dump.  When they told a worker at the landfill what they were looking for, he looked at them as if they were crazy for even trying, but directed them to the area (maybe a giant dumpster?) where the most recent trash was collected.  They began looking, and they did find the bag and tests and grade book and Mrs. Carroll did not have to begin watching soap operas.  I would like to know how long the search took and if they found anything else of use.
  3. 4.  A.  Caroline Wheeler won the state contest, but the people in charge of the national contest did not approve of her content, specifically her condemnation of artificial birth control.  Caroline refused to change the speech, and the alternate took her place.  Other state winners who did go on to Nationals are:  ’91 Pat Haggerty; ’92 Nora Quintana; ’93 Justin Torres who finished 2nd in the National Contest; ’96 Michelle Hadro ’97 Anna Kim; ‘2000 Caroline Wheeler; ’01 Elizabeth Elliott; ’05 Antonia Ciavarella; ’08 Sam Quinan. 
  4. 5.  All of the Above.  We played RMA at St. Tim’s; don’t remember whom we played at the Armory and we had two games in the Old Carpeted Gym despite the low ceiling:  Tara Reston and Calvary Temple.  The Tara Reston game was most famous for their coach constantly yelling, “Stop it now!”  (That referred to her team stopping our server.  It didn’t work – we scored 15 straight points one game without a break in the serve.)   Another unusual place Seton played a volleyball game was the sand court at Ben Lomond Park.  We played Tara Reston there – they couldn’t stop serves outdoors either.