25th and 26th


   The Solemnity of Christmas and the Feast of the Holy Family back to back give rise to some considerations.

    The Son is begotten in eternity and continuously by the Father by which He is Divine.  He is then begotten in time by the Holy Spirit by which He takes on a human nature and is made a true man.   The Father is His eternal Father; the Holy Spirit His temporal Father and Blessed Mother His only mother and properly called the Mother of God. 

   In the Trinity the Three Persons are equal but distinct.  In the Holy Family the three persons are not equal but share some equalities and some distinctions.  Mary and Jesus are sinless; St. Joseph is not.  Mary and Joseph are human persons; Jesus is not.  Jesus and Joseph are males; Mary is not.  Jesus and Mary have words of theirs recorded in Scripture; Joseph does not.    All three are of the Davidic Line.

   Mary leads us to the Son; Jesus leads us to the Father.  And perhaps it is that St. Joseph  leads us to the Holy Spirit.  Just as Mary and Jesus have words of theirs recorded in Scripture  while Joseph does not, so do the Father and Son have words of Theirs recorded in Scripture while the Holy Spirit does not.  Joseph and the Holy Spirit teach through action – the Holy Spirit through the inspiration given to the prophets and through His coming at Pentecost in which He inspires bold proclamations.  St. Joseph inspires us through his faithfulness as spouse and father and in his obedience.  It is the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost that the Church is born, and St. Joseph is the patron of the Universal Church.  There is a sense in which the Holy Spirit gives birth to the Church, and St. Joseph is given custody without having paternity.


   May our joyful celebration of the birth of Our Lord continue to His blessed Epiphany.


   Jezu, ufam Tobie.