The election of the Pope approaches, doesn’t it?   But where are the negative attack ads?   Why are we not hearing, “I am Cardinal Tarcissio Bertoni, and I approve this message”?   Will there be hanging chads, voter fraud allegations or debates over whether cardinals should get to vote if they are from countries where there are lots of illegal Catholic immigrants?   I cannot believe that the Vatican still insists on handwritten paper ballots.  This is the 21st Century – technology people.  Each Cardinal should have a touch screen.   I have heard of the College of Cardinals, but not about the Papal Electoral College.   How many electoral votes are up for grabs in Brazil?   Why has there been a delay because five Cardinals haven’t shown up yet?   Couldn’t they have voted by mail weeks before Pope Benedict even resigned?   And what is this about taking a new name?   George Washington didn’t change his name.   Abraham Lincoln grew a beard, but he remained honest Abe.   Now, don’t get me started on Women’s Suffrage.   Cardinalettes,  where are you?  And there is still more confusing things.   Two ballots by morning, two by afternoon.   One man, one vote! And no changing your vote once you’ve pulled the lever or hit send.  And we will never know what was the margin of victory – all we get is some white smoke.   How are we to know if the new Pope has a mandate or not?   I do not think a single cardinal has driven around in a bus trying to drum up support.   And I sure haven’t seen a schedule of debates among the top contenders.  Primaries seem to be something pope elections haven’t figured out are necessary.   Has anyone seen anyone talking to a chair?   Red States, Blue States?   All I see is red.  Vicepope candidates….still waiting to hear who even one of the 115 has chosen as his second.   The Cardinals are too white, too male and too successful.   Diversity!  Inclusivity!   All those Italians – Africa is a little bigger than Italy.   South America is a little bigger than Italy.   Asia is a little bigger than Italy.   Isn’t the United States the most powerful, advanced, civil nation in the world?   Can’t the Church see us as the model?  


Yesterday a Colorado legislative committee passed by a 3-2 vote to eliminate adultery as a criminal offense, so the state legislature will get to vote on this important topic.   Never mind that adultery has not been prosecuted in ages.   We need to make a statement – no immoral stone will be left unturned in our grand state.  We’ve got mountains, but we’ve sunk pretty low.   In Her history the Church has risen from the ashes of an Empire.   The First Evangelization faced evil and won because the Church does not sink to the lowest common denominator within Her, but after suffering with Him, rises with Her Savior.  


Praise be to God for the Church.   Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.