Seton Grads in the Sciences


  In one mail day, there was information about four Seton grads who were making their marks in the scientific world.

  In Christendom College’s quarterly magazine, there was a feature article on Philip O’Herron (’96) who is a post-doctoral research fellow in neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it sure sounds impressive.  Phil graduated from Seton, then from Christendom, then went to George Mason to study science.  I remember talking to Mrs. O’Herron one day in the teachers’ room (always an environment for good conversation) about Phil.  She said that he was finishing up at George Mason and had applied to Johns Hopkins graduate program.  In his interview he was told that the philosophical sorts like him never make it.  We now know that at least one philosophical sort has made it – all the way to being a post-doctoral fellow.

   I heard about the other three alumni in Christmas letters from their parents. 

   Kathryn Munson (’04) has recently returned to the United States after spending seven months at a hospital on a British base in Afghanistan.  She had a civilian patient that was having difficulty after his surgery.  Kathryn spent four hours trying to convince his surgeons that he needed additional attention, suggesting to them that he might be bleeding internally.  The following day when she saw her patient again, he began tapping his chest and saying over and over two of the few English words he knew, “Thank you.  Thank you.”   Kathryn studied nursing at Catholic University.

   Another Catholic University nursing school grad, Laura Shaw (’03) is a transplant nurse at Georgetown University Hospital.  She is currently studying for her master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner. 

   Tom Wittman (’01) was Seton’s resident weatherman during his high school days.  He went to the University of Nebraska and as a Cornhusker studied meteorology.  He became a meteorologist for the Air Force and is now studying space weather in Dayton.

   From fellow to practitioner; from Afghanistan to outer space, it is always interesting to hear where Our Lord has led His Seton grads.


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