Recommend to you the talk on patience by Father Ogoe, a priest from Ghana in West Africa, that he gave to Seton parents but is applicable to us all.   It is on the Seton School website – just google Seton School and choose “news” and the recording of the talk is right there.

     The talk is very short, just 23 minutes, but Father makes a number of great points:  from the fact that God, Who is Father of us all, does not have heart attacks to waiting one minute before acting in a moment of frustration.

     I could have used this talk 40 years ago, or even just yesterday, but I am glad to have heard it now.   The world may soon see the serene Mr. Westhoff who has been absent from the globe for his entire life.   Well, maybe not soon – you’ll have to be more patient with me than that!  


Jezu, ufam Tobie.  




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