Some Things

    This will cover an array of things in no particular order, except I will begin with the least important first.  

     You may recall that I found $20 in the middle of the street.   I was happy until my sister Barb said, “You found it, but someone else lost it.”   Then she suggested that the $20 was in the middle of the street because of some drug deal gone bad.   ( I don’t really understand that either.)   Anyway, with my conscience now heavy and my mind confused, I decided instead of buying the $20 item of my dreams, I would put the $$ into the collection basket.  Done.   Well, on the way to Mass this past Sunday, on the same street that the $20 was lying,  very close to the same spot where the $20 was, there now was lying a pair of hedge clippers:   manual ones – really nice.  A changed person, my first thought was of the person who had lost them, and then of unsuspecting drivers who might run over the clippers.   And since I didn’t want to walk into Mass carrying a pair of hedge clippers, and even if I wanted to I couldn’t put them into the collection basket discreetly, I decided to set the clippers on the side of the street hoping that no one was that bad of a driver to run over them and hoping that the owner might return to the scene of the loss and recover them.   Done.  Then on Tuesday, as I was walking back home from church, on the sidewalk, not far from where the $20 and hedge clippers were found, there was a soft bristled Oral B toothbrush, still hermetically sealed in its packaging.  I picked it up.  That reminded me of the clippers that I had forgotten about.     I looked, and the clippers were still on the side of the road.  I thought, “If they are there tomorrow, I will take them.”  They were, but I didn’t take them.  Then the next day when they were still there, I did pick them up and took them home.  It just so happens that my dream item I was thinking of using the $20 for was hedge clippers with a soft bristled Oral B toothbrush as my second wish.   And whatever is the next piece of merchandise I find (I am now specializing in merchandise finds and not $$), that will be the third dream item I was thinking of all along.

    I’ll post this now and the more important items later.


Jezu, ufam Tobie.        

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