Peter’s Flowing Stream

    One summer in Sister School (taught by nuns from Kansas) we learned a song that I couldn’t remember the title of, but only remembered the second verse.   For some reason it came to my mind this year.   The verse goes like this:

After Easter comes sunny days that will melt all the snow. Then I’ll marry my maiden fair; we’ll be happy I know.

    I was able to find the song and its title is Peter’s Flowing Stream – no wonder it was a favorite of mine.  

    Well, here in Aurora tonight, and it is after Easter Sunday, and even after the Octave of Easter and Mercy Sunday, but still within the heart of the Easter Season, we have just finished a snow of many inches – not sure how many – and the low temperature tonight is supposed to be 3 (three) degrees.   Right now, it is 10 degrees, but with wind chill it is -3 (minus three) degrees.   Peter’s flowing stream may be frozen solid after tonight.   This snowstorm follows our Palm Sunday Eve snow of 11 inches which had temps right at single digits – the low I heard was 10 degrees.

    Here are the first and third versus of the song.  (The refrain is the best part, but it is nonsensical so I won’t type it – but with the refrain were hand actions – clapping hands on one’s lap, clapping hands regularly and then snapping one’s fingers.  Just a cool song.)

     Oh, I went to Peter’s flowing stream, where the water’s so good.  And I heard there the cuckoo as he called from the woods.

     When I marry my maiden fair, what more can I desire,   But a house for her tending and some wood for the fire.

     Some wood for the fire – the area around Peter’s flowing stream must have an Aurora-like clime.   Let’s hope his wife tends the house by making some post-Easter Sunday hot chocolate.  I wonder if cuckoos cuckoo when it’s 3 degrees.

    Between these snowstorms, we did have several days in the 60’s and one in the 70’s.   Even with my sartorial acumen, it’s hard for me to know how to dress for the weather.

   Well, we are just about a month into Pope Francis’ pontificate.   So in a couple days the rules committee is going to give its verdict on the “Name the Pope Contest” winner.   The rules committee is slower than the College of Cardinals in a conclave, but they don’t have the same sort of help from above – the decision doesn’t affect as many or in as important of ways.   There will be no smoke to announce the decision, so don’t start staring at chimneys in the area, even if you live near Peter’s flowing stream – the house in being tended, there is ample wood and the fire is burning, but the smoke doesn’t send any signal.

    Continued Easter Joy!  Our Lord is truly Risen and we are glad indeed!   Alleluia!


Jezu, ufam Tobie.