4 Ingredient Transfiguration Recipe

     Mrs. Schuller (Mrs. Haggerty) sent me this from her recent trip to Germany.  

     From the notes written in prison by Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg, priest, martyred by the Nazis.

     Begin therefore, my soul, to say slowly and mindfully upon awaking in the morning, "Today I intend to regard everything in the light of eternity — anything that happens to me, joyful and painful, uplifting and depressing."  In a few weeks, I may perhaps add a second resolution, may even be forced to do so, as I have already come to realize my impediment:  It is my impatience.   Therefore, in future, I will say slowly and mindfully after the resolution, "Today, I intend to take possession of my soul through my patience."  I know that I will lose patience a thousand times, but I will renew my resolve of patience again and again.   Perhaps, after several months, I will know why I lose patience so quickly:   I speak too readily, my heart is on my tongue.  I am too quick at showing my displeasure — and I will add a third resolution:  "Today, I will not sin with a single word."  And because a word always presupposes a thought, I will reformulate the third resolution and say, "Today, I will not sin with a single thought and a single word."  Now it seems I have come full circle.  Now I will act according to this recipe for a few years; and should I discover that I still have not become amore et deliciae (love and delight) of those around me, of my family, of my colleagues, then I will pause once again and delve yet more deeply into the matter:  "Who and what stands in my way?"  And I will discover in spite of everything, I lack the right supernatural attitude.   I just want to be people's favorite, not God's.   I want to be praised and appreciated.   It annoys me to be reprimanded, criticized, or spitefully judged, and so I will add a fourth resolution:  "Today, I will do everything in a spirit of love and suffer everything for the sake of love."  Now I will faithfully act according to this recipe for a few years and then see how far I get,  and may God take me to task pretty hard.   And God is already doing so:  "For the Lord reporves him whom he loves" (Proverbs 3:12).  "For the Lord disciplines him whom he loves." (Hebrews 12:6).  So often, I have found this to be true in my day-to-day pastoral work…. 

Father Bernhard Lichtenberg:  born December 3, 1875;  died November 5, 1943. 

Jezu, ufam Tobie.